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VTrack News

VTrack was (is) an amazing video montage tool and ArtMatic sequencer that has sadly reached the end of its line. If you have an older Mac -- either PowerPC or with Rosetta, you can purchase and use version 2.8. Read about it here.

We are working on a new video montage/motion graphics app to replace VTrack. The new app is not an update to VTrack but a new app written from scratch to take advantage of technologies that were not available when VTrack was created. The radical changes in Apple's graphics frameworks over the years were such that it did not make sense to simply update VTrack (as it would have required us to basically implement the antiquated graphics engine).

Here is a brilliant fractal exploration that Eric created with the new software

Timeline: We don't have a date to announce, We have been close to release a few times and found features that we wanted to add and also realized that we needed to implement the new ArtMatic engine before we could properly complete the app to live up to its potential. We prematurely talked about the new app publicly and won't make the mistake again of predicting a release date.

Why are we writing a new app?

We started trying to update VTrack, but it was obvious that if we wrote a new app from scratch that we could create a more powerful and satisfying app than a simple update would have been. Because of the massive architecture changes, this will be a new app that will probably not be able to open VTrack montages.

We are far into the development of the software. These new routines seem more sensitive to hardware compatibility issues than the old frameworks. So, the end-game is taking a bit longer than we anticipated as it also requires completion of the ArtMatic 6 engine which vastly expands ArtMatic's capabilities.

We think the amazing capabilities will be worth the wait.

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