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ArtMatic Designer 6 - Graphics Synthesizer
Images in rows above created solely with ArtMatic Designer

ArtMatic Designer is a programmable graphics synthesizer. Use it on its own to create 2D and pseudo-3D images and video. Use to design true 3D elements for ArtMatic Voyager: objects, terrains, skies and more -- even stunning animated 3D fractals (CLICK HERE).

It can create an infinite variety of images, textures and effects suitable for everything from commercial graphics design to digital fine art. You can even use it to create custom video effects and transitions.

Check out these galleries: ArtMatic Favorites, Animation Examples, ArtMatic + Voyager gallery.

Find out more about ArtMatic Designer by clicking here

Get the ArtMatic Designer demo app here

ArtMatic Voyager 3 - 3D Rendering

ArtMatic Voyager
is a 3D application like no other. While it began life as an app for creating photo-realistic landscapes, it is now capable of much more. When used with ArtMatic Designer, it can be used to create 3D fractals and abstracts, unique architectures, creatures and vegetation, sci-fi and fantasy scenes and much more.

Create amazing fly-throughs that would be tedious with traditional tools.

Explore our many Voyager galleries to get a sense of what Voyager can do. And be sure to check out the amazing videos created with it. Words don't do it justice.

Find out more about ArtMatic Voyager by clicking here

Get the ArtMatic Voyager 3 demo app here

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