ArtMatic Designer CTX version details

Designer is the first of my software to be ported in the new 64 bit framework for the Cocoa MacOS platform. The UI has been completely redesigned and reimplemented. The new framework is based on C++ and cocoa and don't use Carbon anymore. The 64 bit framework has been in development since 2017. The new implementation of the framework handles redraws better and faster and is compatible with all Mac OS.

Designer now has 4 different rooms which integrates the ArtMatic file browsing function (used to be separate application. A new room called Explore allows users to adjust and animate an existing ArtMatic system without having to manage the complexity of editing a full tree design. This room is also available as a stand alone low cost simplified program called: ArtMatic Explorer.

Advanced Designer users can 'publish' the tree parameters in its Design room even if they are located deep inside Component Trees's. Published parameters will appear as the top of the 6 parameters in the explorer room. This allows Designer users to create and sell Explorer content in the U&I Software marketplace.

Version 1.5 highlights:

The ArtMatic engine 8.5 that power ArtMatic Designer 1.5 has now 740 component for 2721 total functions. Previous release had 2407 so we have exactly 314 new functions. There are little changes in the main UI as most of the work went in expanding and consolidating the set of components. The Picts/Movie management has been improved a lot and the new Atlas support opens many new possibility.
Hundreds of new DF compatible color textures and patterns have been added as well as a number of DF primitives for 3D modeling.

New 1.5 Components

Indexed Saw
Index to Array
Pict Atlas #
Accum noises #
Voronoi noises #
Polyhedric noises #
Periodic patterns #
DF Patterns #
2D Architectural #
Accum surfaces #
Packed Morph #
3D Mondrian z Polyhedric noises #
Time Pict Atlas #
MF Accum noises #
3D Accum noises #
3D Voronoi noises #
Periodic Patterns #
3D DF Patterns #
3D Architectural #
DF Terrains #
S-space projections #
Color keyer
z Fractal Sets #
S-space 2D transforms #
32 DF Curves sweeps
DF Fractal Texturer #
2D Motion Pict Atlas #
DF quantizer #

Expanded 1.5 Components

Mirrors N Tiles #
DF Curves #
2D Motion Path render Revolution & Sweeps #
3D Spaces #
DF City Textures
S:P Logic &Profiles Packed Logic #

Version 1.2 highlights:

Online Component Reference Manual:

The ArtMatic Engine now has an interactive reference system accessible online. Select a tile and press command-F to access the tile's information. This is an ongoing effort that will continue to be developed. The aim is to provide an accurate and scientific data base of what each component does and make the ArtMatic Engine toolbox of 2400+ functions a well documented tool-set usable for education in computer graphics and also in mathematics and science.

Vastly Improved UI:

The UI can be resized with real-time feedback and the skin mode is changeable in the preferences. A brighter new skin is available since 1.1 with a dark blue over white theme. Most of the sliders have now numeric entry for parameters in main UI. As a consequence shortcuts that used numbers have been changed. As usual shortcuts are indicated in roll overs and pop up menu names.
The numeric readout digits for Tree parameters were increased in 1.2 to allow more precision in numeric inputs.

ArtMatic Designer Room Tabs:

ArtMatic designer CTX now has 4 rooms. Each have a specific function or workflow.

Adaptive rendering resolution:

Resolution of the preview automatically adapts to insure the fastest response. Most sliders will trigger real-time previews at lower resolution and Animation preview resolution will depend on the speed of the system. As soon as you let go the image will self render at a higher resolution.

ArtMatic Engine Global Changes:

Version 8.08 for Designer and Voyager 1.2

Version 8.07 for Designer and Voyager

Version 8.06 for Designer and Voyager

ArtMatic Engine New Components:

Version 8.07 for Designer and Voyager

Version 8.06 for Designer and Voyager

Enhanced & Modified components:


The Browser room allows you to explore and preview the extensive set of presets and examples I've put into the Libraries folder as examples of the many techniques available in ArtMatic Designer. Each time you launch Designer a tree is randomly loaded from that folder as well as the Structures Presets folder. Modify it and save it as a new file to expand your collection. The folder 'Component demo' contains many trees that are used for the online reference illustrations. Additional Libaries to expand ArtMatic Designer and Voyager are available in the U&I Store.

Thank you for supporting my creative work - Eric Wenger