Unique Applications for Artists and Musicians

by Peter Miller

Join the U&I Communities

The best way to learn Eric Wenger’s Creative ToolboX of software is to join the customer communities. They have decades of wisdom and experience. They are a well-spring of knowledge about the applications.

Join them on Social Media via these links:

FacebookArtMatic User Group, MetaSynth User Group

Instagram – ArtMatic Community Gallery

Twitter – General Announcements

YouTube – ArtMatic and MetaSynth Gallery and Tutorials

Discord – ArtMatic and MetaSynth User Groups

Like a different social media platform? Start a user group and tell us about it, and we’ll include it here.

Share Project Content and Creations with Others

Community members often share project starter files to help users expand their skills and get a head-start on projects.

Download the ArtMatic Customer Library Extras available for Free in the store. It includes:


Peter Miller – Droste Effect for images.


Peter Miller – Hot Air Balloon, Lighting Effects, and a Stone Circle.

Dick Scherzinger – Depth Field 3D Trees, Altocumulus Clouds, and Cumulus (Cloud) Towers, Glowing Sphere, Grass Layer, Reaction Shuttle Afterburners, Lightning, and Rays.

Paul Churchill – Depth Field 3D Objects.

Rick Weiss – Voyager Texture Library descriptions.

Andy Tomlin – Architecture Library and Deep Space Library descriptions.


Glen Bledsoe – Potbelly

Do you have a project file to share? Let us know!

MetaSynth+Xx users have donated tracks to a series of compilation albums called “MetaSynthia”. Take a listen to this collection of experimental compositions:

Let Us Know About Your Work

Email support with a link to your latest ArtMatic and MetaSynth creations so we can post links to them below.

Alexandra Angelika (ArtMatic) – Darkness and Whimsy : 2D images and 3D videos.

Audio Terrorist (MetaSynth) – Entertainment for the Day : goth-industrial album.

Eric Wenger (ArtMatic and MetaSynth) – Album Collection and Video Collection : body of work.

Dan Wyman (MetaSynth) – James Lick Observatory : live improv performance with Sax.

Dane Davis (MetaSynth) – The Matrix : various sound designs for film (MetaSynth). Interview TBD

Gary Lee Nelson (ArtMatic and MetaSynth) – Creative Works : (ArtMatic and Xx) retrospective interview.

Glen Bledsoe (MetaSynth) – Octopants : experimental electronica album (MetaSynth), and MetaSynthia albums. [Curator].

Helge Krabye (ArtMatic and MetaSynth) – MetaScapes by Homeless Balloon : jazz inspired music and videos. Interview.

Karl Sinkkonen (ArtMatic) – Heightmaps with ArtMatic Engine (Interview TBD).

MetaSynthia (ArtMatic and MetaSynth) – MetaSynthia : compilation albums featuring MetaSynth artists and ArtMatic videos.

Paul Fletcher (ArtMatic and MetaSynth) – Ed Mundio, Ambient Owlbert, Digital Compost : music and video. Interview In Edit.

Peter Kiethe (MetaSynth) – MetaSounder: live improvisation videos, Interview In Edit.

Peter Miller (ArtMatic and MetaSynth) – Scriblbetronics : video, graphics, installations, soundtracks. ArtMatic Interview.

Todd Barton (MetaSynth) – Ashland Shakesphere Festival: retrospective interview.

Waki (ArtMatic and MetaSynth) – Treasure : experimental album and (MetaSynth).

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