Unique Applications for Artists and Musicians

by Peter Miller

Join the U&I Communities

The best way to learn Eric Wenger’s Creative ToolboX of software is to join the customer communities. They have decades of wisdom and experience. They are a well-spring of knowledge about the applications.

Join them on Social Media via these links:

Facebook – ArtMatic User Group, MetaSynth User Group

Instagram – Community Gallery

Twitter – Announcements

YouTube – User Gallery and Tutorials

Discord – User Group

Share Project Content with Others

Community members often share project starter files to help users expand their skills and get a head-start on projects.

Download the ArtMatic Customer Library Extras available for Free in the store. It includes:


Peter Miller – Droste Effect for images.


Peter Miller – Droste Effect for images. Hot Air Balloon, Lighting Effects, and a Stone Circle.

Dick Scherzinger – Depth Field 3D Trees, Altocumulus Clouds, and Cumulus (Cloud) Towers, Glowing Sphere, Grass Layer, and Reaction Shuttle Afterburners.

Paul Churchill Depth Field 3D Objects.

Rick Weiss – Voyager Texture Library descriptions.

Andy Tomlin – Architecture Library and Deep Space Library descriptions.


Glen Bledsoe – Potbelly

Do you have a project file to share? Let us know! Until then check out the MetaSynthia albums made by customers.

Share Your Creations with Others

Email support with a link to your latest ArtMatic and MetaSynth creations so we can post them here.

Alexandra Angelika – Darkness and Whimsy : 2D images and 3D videos (ArtMatic).

Audio Terrorist – Entertainment for the Day : goth-industrial album (MetaSynth).

Eric Wenger – Album Collection and Video Collection : body of work (MetaSynth and ArtMatic).

Dan Wyman – Lick Observatory : live performance (MetaSynth and Sax).

Dane Davis – The Matrix : various sound designs for film (MetaSynth).

Gary Lee Nelson – Creative Works : retrospective interview (ArtMatic and Xx).

Glen Bledsoe – Octopants : experimental electronica album (MetaSynth), and MetaSynthia albums. [Curator].

Helge Krabye – MetaScapes by Homeless Balloon : jazz inspired albums (MetaSynth) and music videos. (ArtMatic).

MetaSynthia – Series of compilation albums featuring MetaSynth artists and ArtMatic multimedia.

Paul Fletcher – Ed Mundio, Ambient Owlbert, Digital Compost : music (MetaSynth) and video (ArtMatic), retrospective interview.

Peter Kiethe – MetaSounder: live improvisation videos (MetaSynth), retrospective interview.

Peter Miller – Scriblbetronics : video, graphics, installations, soundtracks (ArtMatic and MetaSynth).

Todd Barton – Ashland Shakesphere Festival: retrospective interview (MetaSynth).

Waki – Treasure : experimental album (MetaSynth) and tutorials (MetaSynth).

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