Unique Applications for Artists and Musicians

U&I University

U&I Software is producing a series of online training sessions, tutorial videos, and user interviews to increase the knowledge of what the ArtMatic + MetaSynth Creative ToolboX can do. A list of episodes can be found below.

The resulting videos can also be found on the official U&I Software YouTube channel: https://youtube.com/c/uisoftware The playlists also include tutorials, demonstrations, and art+music by customers.

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MetaSynth+Xx – Application Tour and Basics

MetaSynth+Xx – Application Tour and Basics by Peter Keithe

MetaSynth+Xx – Additional Videos, Books, and Tutorials

MetaSynth+Xx – Project Management (Coming Soon)

  • MetaSynth+Xx CTX 1.0 – Feed Your Folders
  • MetaSynth+Xx CTX 1.0 – User Interface Basics
  • MetaSynth+Xx CTX 1.0 – Rooms Overview
  • MetaSynth+Xx CTX 1.0 – Digging Deeper
  • MetaSynth+Xx CTX 1.0 – Producing Your Tracks and Songs

ArtMatic – Basic and Advanced Demonstrations

ArtMatic – Basic and Advanced Demonstrations by Peter Miller

ArtMatic CTX – Additional Videos

  • French – Jean Meletou : 20+ additional ArtMatic instructional videos.