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Unique Applications for Artists and Musicians

Newsflash: MetaSynth CTX 1.x for Cocoa MacOS is here!

Eric has been re-created MetaSynth for Apple’s Cocoa Platform. New Features Include:

  • Effect Room:
    • Automatic file management with a given project.
    • The entire state of the effects room is now auto-saved for any given project.
  • Image Synth:
    • 16 Bit Image Support – increases low amplitude representation, subtlety in re-synthesis, and improved analysis fidelity.
    • Four new choices of color/luminosity display.
    • Additional custom tuning and scales.
  • Image Filter:
    • 16 Bit image support to increase low amplitude representation, subtlety in re-synthesis, and improved analysis fidelity.
    • Four choices of color/luminosity display.
    • More custom tuning and scales.
  • Spectrum Synth:
    • Now has no length limits.
    • Two additional stereo-graphic representations.
  • Sequencer:
    • Now has no length limits.
    • Seamless dynamic selection playback looping.
  • Montage:
    • Improved project folder management workflow for files and sub-folders.
  • General:
    • Rebuilt for Cocoa MacOS+iOS (Catalina and Big Sur) also backward compatible to MacOS X 10.10.
    • 5 UI Themes: Blue Steel, Classic, Dark Noise, Shaded, Shaded Metal and Paper Blueprint.
    • Live resizable of main window and dialogs, generalized vector graphics for envelopes and wave-tables.
    • Consolidation and extension of shortcuts and tool-tips.
    • Multi-threading for all image manipulation tools/process which gives an 8 to 16 times increase in pixel-graphics speed
    • Supports filenames up to 64 characters (Legacy MetaSynth had a 32 character limit).
    • Updated documentation, training videos, artist interviews coming soon. Watch the Learning page.

“Metasynth has allowed me to open up areas of expression in my music that would otherwise have remained closed to me. Hence it has become a tool that I do not want to miss anymore.“ – Dr. Daniel Hensel

  • Xx CTX 1.0 (MIDI with MetaSynth Integration):
    • Development will begin soon and is expected to be completed in 2021.
    • Current users will be emailed a discount coupon code at the time of release.
    • New users can support the development of Xx CTX 1.0 by purchasing a PreRelease coupon:


is an award-winning electronic music and sound design studio for OS X that has created audio for films such as The Matrix, Matrix Reloaded, Matrix 4, Hannibal, Run Lola Run, Dante 01, Death Race, An Mil… and can be heard on music by Aphex Twin, Junkie XL, Die Form, Audio Terrorist, El Silencio Blanco, Zoreh, and many many more.

Its seven tools allow you to process sounds, and sequence compositions in unique ways. Some of its tools are focused on generating loops and samples (Effects Room and Image Filter), and others on creating sequences for composition (Sequencer and Xx). Sometimes the lines between what is an instrument and what is a sequencer can blur as with the Image Synth which can also be a sequencer! Xx lets you compose with MIDI then export MetaSynth images to put it all together in the Montage room.

Image Synth

Image Synth is our paradigm-smashing composition environment where you paint to sound. It has a host of available synthesis methods with nearly infinite customizable micro-tonality, the Image Synth makes possible the sounds of your dreams. Also, it can be a sampler or a sequencer!

Image Filter

The filtering counterpart of the Image Synth. Precise dynamic stereo filters that can create a limitless range of effects from the conventional to the otherworldly.

Spectrum Synth

The Spectrum Synth analyzes sounds and creates events that capture the original’s harmonics which you can manipulate, filter, and re-arrange to invent new sounds.

Effects Room

The effects room provides a new approach to sound effects. Both traditional effects like delay, reverb and chorus, can be found here, and a wealth of unusual effects like our granular synthesis-based Grain and Shuffler. The unique graphic envelopes make it easy to turn “standard effects” into something unique.


This is a non-MIDI sequencer where you can compose musical phrases and rhythm loops that you can render to disk, import into the Image Synth, or add to your Montage Room compositions. Sequencer Room Example Montage Room. 24-track mixing environment. Use this room to mix down full-length compositions or to layer and composite the sounds you create in the other rooms.

Xx (separate application coming late 2021)

Xx is used as a stand alone MIDI sequencer and compositional tool. MetaSynth can be its sound engine, or any softsynth or hardware synth. It can import MetaSynth Sequences and convert then to MIDI, or export MIDI to Montage images for MetaSynth.

Montage Room

Use the Montage Room to quickly assemble MetaSynth-created files.

Expand MetaSynth CTX with Libraries and Packs

Music Produced by Eric Wenger with MetaSynth+Xx

Techno-Dance Art Music
Dark Atmospheric Spanish-French Pop and Dance Music
Medieval Chant and Orchestral Music – Soundtrack
Sound Design & Electronic Music
French-Persian World Music
Dark Atmospheric American-French Pop and Dance Music
Film Soundtrack: Dante 01 (with Raphel Elig)
Film Soundtrack: An Mil

“I’m startled by the sheer density of what’s on offer. Each of the ‘rooms’ is stuffed to the gills with features and unexpected parameters. I’ve only just begun to scratch the surface, and thinking about the potential for creativity is dizzying. And it’s all organized and easy to use: the UI is excellent. I will reiterate that it’s not a platform to come to if you aren’t willing to be surprised, and aren’t open-minded or of an exploratory nature, but if you are there are riches here to keep you going for years.”

EditMSM – KVRAudio

Legacy MetaSynth + Xx for Carbon MacOS

MetaSynth 6 + Xx 5.5 are discontinued legacy “Carbon” MacOS programs and will run on 10.6 through 10.14. Apple discontinued the Carbon platform after MacOS 10.14. (10.15/11.x/++ are “Cocoa” only). To run Carbon apps under Catalina, you need to create a Dual Boot MacOS system using Apple’s Boot Camp, or a third-party product like Parallels or VMware. To download a copy of 10.14 (Mojave) we recommend this tool. These products remain for sale to users who do not plan to upgrade MacOS to a Cocoa only version.

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