ArtMatic & Metasynth Store

Unique Applications for Artists and Musicians

ArtMatic CTX 1.x

Recreated for Apple’s new “Cocoa Only” operating systems 10.15 and 11.0. Also backward compatible to MacOS X 10.10.

MetaSynth CTX 1.x

A legend in the world of sound design reborn, the Cocoa version for MacOS 10.10-10.15 and 11.0 is now available for purchase.

Legacy Apps

These apps work on older Apple platforms: Classic or Carbon. They are still available to customers with older Macintosh systems.

Please explore the demo versions of our products to ensure MacOS compatibility before purchase, as all sales are final and refunds are not currently possible. Future sales prices cannot be retroactively applied to past purchases.

Discontinued Legacy Products

Apple discontinued the “CARBON” MacOS X platform in 2019 and all programs created for it had to be discontinued. Catalina and Big Sur cannot run programs created for the Carbon platform, and are effectively different operating systems closer to iOS. To find out more about Apple’s platform transition, please review our Support page and Blog.

If you are running a CARBON MacOS X version from 10.10 through 10.14.6 on an Intel processor Mac, and want to purchase or upgrade to the final versions of our discontinued products, click on the link below.

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