ArtMatic & Metasynth Store

Unique Applications for Artists and Musicians

ArtMatic CTX 1.x

Use Designer + Voyager to create and populate worlds, create new video and image processing plugins, and generate 2D or 3D abstract art.

MetaSynth CTX 1.x

This legend sound design and composition tool has been reborn. Now with higher audio resolution and unlimited sequencing. Add Xx for MIDI options.

Legacy Apps

These apps were made for older Apple application platforms: Classic or Carbon and are now discontinued. Our CTX 1.x products remakes that run on MacOS X 10.10 and later.

Black Friday / Cyber Monday

coupon code for 20% off of the retail price of all applications, bundles, and expansion packs: CYBER20

Please Read

Try the Demo First: Please explore the demo versions of our products to ensure MacOS compatibility before purchase, as all sales are final and refunds are not currently possible. Future sales prices cannot be retroactively applied to past purchases.

Installing The Software: Recent MacOS versions require users to approve installing software not reviewed by Apple. To do so, hold down the Control key, click on the Installer, and select Open, then select Open to approve the installer. It will then run as expected. On older MacOS’s just double click to launch.

Legacy MetaSynth Users: If you purchased MetaSynth 5 or 6 for Carbon MacOS, add MS5 or MS6 to the beginning of your serial number for 25%-35% off. This is your discount code for MetaSynth CTX 1.2. ArtMatic programs are sold at cost or in discount 15% off bundles.

Support MetaSynth+Xx Music

Visit the Asylum Arts records Bandcamp page to support recording artists who make albums using the MetaSynth+Xx application suite. Make sure to give a listen to the restored and expanded MetaSynthia compilation albums. The music ranges from experimental, to dance, to rock.

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Educational Sales

Pricing – We offer teachers and students bulk educational discounts, contact us via the Support page for details.

W9 – Our products are sold via the secure FastSpring store platform. Click here for their W9 https://fastspring.com/w9.pdf

Accessibility Compliance – If needed, please find out 508 Conformance Report Here.

Affiliates and Resellers

Wish to help us sell ArtMatic and MetaSynth products? Join our affiliate program via the FastSpring/Radius Impact marketplace. This simplifies the ad process and automates payments for your sales. Prefer to directly sell prepaid licenses? Sign up to be a reseller, purchase licenses, then sell them in your store. To ensure customers have the latest versions of their apps and receive full support, all downloads are managed via the FastSpring store platform. To learn more contact us via the Support page.

Discontinued Legacy Products

Apple discontinued the “CARBON” MacOS X application platform October 2019 and all programs created for it became obsolete. Catalina/Big Sur/Monterrey can only run programs created for the “COCOA” application platforms (AppKit and iOS). To find out more about Apple’s platform transition, please review our Support page and Blog.

Our current CTX 1.x products are supported by Apple on MacOS X 10.10 through 10.14.6 and macOS 10.15-11.x-12.x. So even if you have an older Mac, you can still run our latest software.

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