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ArtMatic CTX 1.x

Recreated for Apple’s new “Cocoa Only” operating systems 10.15 and 11.0. Also backward compatible to MacOS X 10.10.

MetaSynth CTX 1.x

A legend in the world of sound design reborn, the Cocoa version for MacOS 10.10-10.15 and 11.0 is now available for purchase. Xx CTX 1.x (MIDI) is in development for Spring 2021.

Legacy Apps

These apps work on older Apple platforms: Classic or Carbon. They are still available to customers with older Macintosh systems they will not run on Cocoa MacOS+iOS (Catalina/Big Sur).

Please explore the demo versions of our products to ensure MacOS compatibility before purchase, as all sales are final and refunds are not currently possible. Future sales prices cannot be retroactively applied to past purchases. For more information on Apple’s different Hardware and Operating Systems see below:

Looking for Legacy Product Upgrades?

Click the button below to be taken to our Legacy website where you can update your Carbon MacOS apps to their last versions before being discontinuedd.

Apple Macintosh Platforms:

  • PowerPC+MacOS 9 – Videodelic still available, other Pre-Carbon applications have reached end of life. If you liked VTrack, VQuartz for Carbon does video/image editing. Cocoa versions are expected in 2021.
  • Intel+MacOS X Carbon Intel+10.4 through 10.13 – Legacy Carbon applications are supported on 10.10 through 10.13 and on 10.14.6 (see below). Final versions are available at a discount, as well as budget upgrades to the last version. These apps are no longer being developed.
  • Intel+MacOS X Carbon 10.14.6 – Apple changed drive/file formats. You must use file extensions with all files, and use a template to start a new Montage in MetaSynth. This is the last MacOS Apple made to run your Carbon applications on.
  • Intel+MacOS X Cocoa 10.10 through 10.13 – CTX 1.0 for Cocoa apps are designed for 10.14 and 10.15 but are backward compatible to as early as 10.10.
  • Intel+MacOS X Cocoa 10.14 (Mojave) – CTX 1.0 apps are fully compatible and tested, but Apple changed drive/file formats. You must use start using file extensions with old files. Cocoa versions of MetaSynth and Xx are in development. Mojave can also run Carbon applications such as Designer 7.5 and MetaSynth 6 as well as Cocoa apps (just not iOS Cocoa apps).
  • Intel+MacOS X Cocoa 10.15 (Catalina) – ArtMatic CTX 1.0 apps are fully compatible, but Apple changed the OS audio setting from 44.1k to 48k. You need to set your audio in the Audio MIDI Setup app to 44.1k before rending ArtMatic Designer audio. UPDATE: Apple appears to have changed this decision and set the default back to 44.1k in later updates.
  • Intel or ARM+Cocoa MacOS 11 (Big Sur) – Apple changed something in their AppKit for user interfaces, and the screen redraws when you move your mouse. Eric has created a fix with all three ArtMatic products and versions 1.1 have been released. They were all tested on M1 Macs and performed just as good (better actually) as Intel. Eric plans to create a native ARM (aka Apple Silicon) version to run on M1 Macs, but Apple will need to fix a bug in Xcode 10 first.

Big Sur note: As always we encourage our customers to hold off on upgrading an OS early. This is common in the audio production world. There are usually issues Apple needs to shake out and unexpected impacts on customers. Reports of early adopter’s having their Mac’s bricked (unusable) are popping up. We are currently testing our products with the final build of Big Sur and addressing reported issues. If you are unfamiliar with the transition from Carbon to Cocoa with the MacOS, read the Catalina post below. In addition, Apple has changed their hardware platform from Intel to ARM (aka Apple Silicon) processors which presents additional challenges. Many of our customers use older MacOS versions and Eric is continuing to work to support them with how he is developing. Unfortunately, the most recent Apple development environments don’t fully support this. We are looking for solutions to support Legacy customers and new platform customers.

Catalina note: Apple has made dramatic changes to the Macintosh over the years, and the changes keep coming as they move to merge the Mac with the iDevice world. For most people there are three Mac hardware groups: PowerPC, Intel, and ARM processor, and three Operating System groups: Classic (MacOS), Carbon Unix (MacOS X 10.6-10.14), and Cocoa Unix (MacOS X 10.10-10.14, MacOS 10.15, MacOS 11.0). Many of these hardware and OS platforms have had overlapping periods when multiple platforms coexisted, and at other times where a platform is phased out. This results in hardware and/or operating systems that run your software being discontinued, development of products ending, and applications reaching “end of life”. While this was once as common in computer technology, as it still is with recording studio, and video equipment, the days of having to buy a $800 add on card to run your older software are largely past.

But, disruptions do still occur. In October 2019, Apple discontinued the development of Carbon MacOS which runs Carbon programs. MacOS 10.14.6 (Mojave) was the last one. So, all of U&I Software’s original product lines have reached “end of life”. Apple is continuing to support Carbon MacOS with security updates, and Mojave is available for installation. Carbon apps will run on an Intel Mac with a Carbon MacOS. If you are running a “Cocoa Only” one like Catalina you can also install Mojave with BootCamp or a third party emulator such as Parallels. See the support page for more details.

Eric is currently in year 3 of a 4-year journey to recreate his programs as new products for the Cocoa Unix MacOS platform. Software products with the initials CTX in them signify that they were created for MacOS’s with Cocoa (MacOS X 10.10-10.14.6, MacOS 10.15, MacOS 11.0).

We continue to offer legacy products to customers who run a Carbon MacOS (10.6-10.14.6) as their primary OS, or Secondary OS (via BootCamp or Parallels). Also for customers that run Classic MacOS (9.x).

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