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Modular synthesizer for 2D and 3D graphics, video animation, and audio creations. Edit 3D objects place them within Voyager worlds.

Walking on the Waterfront


Procedural 3D renderer for ArtMatic Designer files, turn 2D images into 3D objects. Also quickly create landscapes with skies and water ways.

The ArtMatic Creative ToolboX (CTX) is a graphics and sound engine plus a unique set of integrated applications for procedurally creating still images, motion graphics, video special effects, animation, sound design, and music: Designer, Voyager, and Explorer.

“ArtMatic remains one of the most original and unique image apps around. There is literally nothing like it” – Peter Miller (Scribbletronics)

The ArtMatic Tools


Designer has hundreds of graphics and mathematical modules that you can link together in countless ways to generate still images and animations at any resolution also sounds of limitless complexity. Designer can be seen as a Modular synthesizer capable of almost anything that is algorithmically and mathematically possible. Use it to create all kinds of graphics: decorative images, background textures, video effects, fractals, fine art, motion graphics, and much more. You can even use it to process photos and videos.

“I have found no other program quite like this.. and the inbuilt potential of simultaneous images, animation, and sound.” – Paul Fletcher (University of Melbourne)


Voyager renders ArtMatic 3D objects and generates landscapes from 2D images. It has a built-in environment for controlling clouds, sun position, haze, sea level for landscape creation. With the no-planet mode you can also render cosmic scenes, with multiple lights, including multiple suns. The Voyager camera let’s you animate all the environmental parameters within keyframes and create fly thoughts of your worlds. Place and animate any ArtMatic 3D objects and use Designer to adjust their components parameters.

The “Live Link” in Designer communicates parameter changes to Voyager when both are running. This allows for editing complex models in Designer while watching a preview rendered by Voyager. Be sure to check out the ArtMatic videos by subscribing to our YouTube channel.

“ArtMatic Voyager is now my favorite 3D app” – Neal Tringham (Pseudonymz Ltd)

P.S. ArtMatic Audio

Designer contains a room where you can listen to what you see, same math! Also, you can build synth patches, control Designer systems with live audio input, or use an audio file to control an object in Voyager.

“As an electronic ambient musician, I mainly use ArtMatic (Designer+Voyager) for album artwork and videos. Modular synthesis – be it Eurorack for music or ArtMatic for graphics – is a way of exploring the fundamental building blocks of reality and use that knowledge to create complete alternate synthetic worlds that somehow feel organic and authentic. ArtMatic is a magical and unique piece of software that feels familiar with my modular workflow and blends natural with my electronic music!” – Wim Daans (Pulse Mandala)

Key Features and New Features

  • Designer:
    • Create and modify ArtMatic DF Systems for abstact art, photos, videos, and 3D models.
    • Integrated Browser, Explorer Room, Updates Files adding Apple Extensions.
    • 20 new components, 35 enhanced components, Updated content libraries.
    • Listen to what you see, or Control what you see with sound.
    • New in Version CTX 1.5 : additional 28 Components and 314 Functions.
    • New in Version CTX 1.6 : Universal 2 code with increases in rendering speed.
  • Voyager:
    • Create and modify landscapes, render 3D ArtMatic DF System models.
    • More transparent effects: Helium, Jelly, Water, and Glass Diamond.
    • Faster draft rendering, and improved camera and element positioning.
    • New in Version CTX 1.5 : new illumination model, free loop run, and more.
    • New in Version CTX 1.6 : Universal 2 code with increases in rendering speed.
    • All new entry level program for quickly modifying ArtMatic DF file parameters.
  • General New Features:
    • Rebuilt for macOS AppKit (Catalina/Big Sur/Monterey) also backward compatible to MacOS X 10.10-10.14.
    • 5 UI Themes: Blue Steel, Classic, Dark Noise, Shaded, Shaded Metal and Paper Blueprint.
    • Live resizable of main window and dialogs, generalized vector graphics for envelopes and wave-tables.
    • Consolidation and extension of shortcuts and tool-tips.
    • Multi-threading for all image manipulation tools/process which gives an 8 to 16 times increase in pixel-graphics speed.
    • Supports filenames up to 64 characters (Legacy ArtMatic had a 32 character limit).
    • Updated documentation, training videos, artist interviews coming soon. Watch the Learning page.

Expand ArtMatic with Libraries & Packs

Expansion libraries are available to extend what you can do with ArtMatic and give you a starting point for unique designs, image/video processing, and 3D objects. Free packs made by users can be found on the Community page and in the User Group. Below are examples of three from Eric Wenger.

Super Library

Recreated by Eric Wenger, the new Super Library for ArtMatic Designer CTX 1.0.7.x and later, is a collection of 2300+ preset component-trees. This updated set includes hundreds of all new presets using the latest Designer techniques, and enhanced classics. The classifications have been completely reorganized to make them a valuable and practical resource for your projects.

Metal Heart Library

An additional smaller abstract ArtMatic library plus image/video manipulation: 3D Graphics and Lighting Effects, Motion Graphics and Wipes, Geometric Patterns and Textures.

Architecture Library

Add skylines, structures, interiors, and exteriors to your Voyager worlds. Examples from 139 buildings, 29 props, 18 animations, 129 scenes. Notes about the Architecture Library.

Deep Space Library

Examples from 243 models, 18 animations, 44 scenes. Notes about the Deep Space Library.

Videos Made by Eric Wenger with ArtMatic

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