ArtMatic & Metasynth Store (Old)

Unique Applications for Artists and Musicians

ArtMatic CTX 1.0

Recreated for Apple’s new “Cocoa Only” operating systems 10.15 and later. For “Carbon” versions, see the legacy store.

MetaSynth + Xx

A legend in the world of sound design, it is currently only available for Apple’s “Carbon” MacOS 10.6 – 10.14 platforms

Legacy Apps

These apps work on older Apple platforms: Classic or Carbon. They are still available to customers with older systems.

UPDATE: Our WordPress Store is not displaying correctly. We are working with the Vendor FastSpring to resolve this issue. In the meantime, purchases can be made here: https://uisoftware.onfastspring.com/

Please explore the demo versions of our products to ensure MacOS compatibility before purchase, as all sales are final and refunds are not currently possible. Future sales prices cannot be retroactively applied to past purchases. For more information on Apple Operating Systems, see below.

Looking for a Legacy Products and Legacy Upgrades? Click the button below to be taken to our Legacy website.

Please note: Apple has made dramatic changes to the Macintosh over the years, and the changes keep coming as they move to merge the Mac with the iDevice world. For most people there are three Mac hardware groups: PowerPC, Intel, and ARM processor, and three Operating System groups: Classic (MacOS), Carbon Unix (MacOS X 10.6-10.14), and Cocoa Unix (MacOS X 10.10-10.14, MacOS 10.15, MacOS 11.0). Many of these hardware and OS platforms have had overlap periods when multiple platforms coexisted, and other times where a platform is phased out. This results in hardware and/or operating systems to run your software being discontinued, software development of products ending, and applications reaching “end of life”. While this was once as common in computer technology, as it still is in recording studio, and video equipment, the days of having to buy a $800 add on card to run your older software are largely past. But, disruptions do still occur. In October 2019, Apple discontinued the development of Carbon MacOS which runs Carbon programs. MacOS 10.14.6 (Mojave) was the last one. So, all of U&I Software’s product lines reached “end of life”. Apple is continuing to support Carbon MacOS with security updates, and making Mojave available for installation. Carbon apps can run on a Cocoa Mac by using BootCamp or a third party emulator to run Cocoa and Carbon. See the support page for more details. Eric is in year 3 of a 4 year journey to recreate his programs as new products for the Cocoa Unix MacOS platform. Software with the initials CTX signifies they were created for Cocoa (Catalina, Big Sur, and beyond). We continue to offer legacy products to customers who run a Carbon MacOS as their primary OS, Secondary OS (BootCamp or Parallels). Many of our customers retain Classic or Carbon Mac platforms to run applications, so they remain available. We look forward to bringing MetaSynt, Xx, and V-Quartz to the Cocoa+ARM+Metal platform over the coming year. Watch for CTX in the title.

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