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Unique Applications for Artists and Musicians

9. A Complete Set

A complete set of Eric Wenger’s core applications (MetaSynth, Xx, Designer, and Voyager) have been recreated for Apple’s AppKit application platform and released, and U&I Software 2.0 is fully implemented. This represents over 3 years of more than full-time work. Plus a couple of years of prep to create a new AppKit application framework in…
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8. Catching Our Breath

After the unexpected struggles to recreate ArtMatic (Designer, Voyager, Explorer), MetaSynth and their demos; rebuilding the ArtMatic and MetaSynth communities; creating eLearning modules, interview videos, training videos, and translating updated manuals into 10 non-English languages; increasing the quality of product testing before release including a bug tracker, and public bug portal; rebooting the company branding,…
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