8. Catching Our Breath

Unique Applications for Artists and Musicians

After the unexpected struggles to recreate ArtMatic (Designer, Voyager, Explorer), MetaSynth and their demos; rebuilding the ArtMatic and MetaSynth communities; creating eLearning modules, interview videos, training videos, and translating updated manuals into 10 non-English languages; increasing the quality of product testing before release including a bug tracker, and public bug portal; rebooting the company branding, website (10 languages) social media, back-end IT systems, and processes; etc… we’ve arrived in a brief lull before we dive into Xx (MIDI for MetaSynth) recreation. It’s been a long road where days turned into weeks, weeks into months, months into years, but it has been worth it to see these unique apps rise from the ashes.

Along with the Xx recreation, we are working to get the MetaSynth expansion pack vendor to update all of their files to CTX, continuing to build new communities of long-time users and new folks exploring all of the possibilities the apps can provide. I recently saw the work of an ArtMatic artist who is using it in ways I’ve not seen in 20 years! Just shows that the “well has yet to be fully tapped”. I’m lining up more interviews from folks currently using the programs on Major Motion Pictures and Big-Name Games, watch for announcements in the newsletter, user groups, and on the Learning Page. Onwards and upwards!


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