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The Future of U&I Software on the Macintosh Computer:
As most of you know, Apple has discontinued support for legacy products built for the CARBON platforms [MacOS 9, MacOS X 10.0 through MacOS 10.13, and sort of MacOS 10.14 (Mojave)].
Apple pitched this transition as easy, it isn’t. Worse yet, customers have been pitched that MacOS 10.15 (Catalina) is just a simple update to MacOS, it isn’t. This transition is similar to the change from MacOS (aka Classic) to NeXT OS (aka MacOS X), or the change from PowerPC processors to Intel processors. Each requiring Eric to rewrite his programs, but at least Classic and Rosetta emulation was available.
There was some discussion of U&I dropping the Apple Macintosh platform and moving all future products to Windows 10 instead. This is because Microsoft continues to support older applications, and has committed to keeping Windows 10 a stable platform for developers for at least the next decade.
The good news for Mac owers is, Eric is very loyal to his Macintosh customers. Some folks have stuck by him for over 20 years through Apple’s seismic changes (more to come). So he has committed to rebuilding the current product line for the new Macintosh “Cocoa” platform. The bad news is, it has become clear over time that these new programs are new products, and not upgrades.
He has worked for two years on the new ArtMatic applications plus seven more months 7 days a week to port to Cocoa, and their pricing needs to reflect this. U&I runs on a shoestring budget with the support of volunteers so, please know that decisions like these are not taken lightly. It is simply the cards that have been dealt to older developers. It will take another year of work to complete recreating all the products as new Cocoa applications, but they will get done.
See more details regarding the new CTX 1.0 product project timeline in my next blog.

Thank you for all your support and be safe out there,

Kevin (and Eric)

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