2. CTX 1.0 Is Arriving

Unique Applications for Artists and Musicians

The Creative ToolboX (CTX) Product Line:

All U&I products are being rebuilt for Apple’s “COCOA only” Macintosh operating systems 10.15 (Catalina) and beyond, plus Windows 10 to ensure years of future use. The new products will have CTX (Creative ToolboX) in their names and start again at version 1.0

Our experience Cocoa and AppKit on MacOS 10.15 is that it responds differently than earlier Cocoa for MacOS platforms, even using the same programming code. Cocoa is more limited than Carbon in what Eric can do. This includes U&I refreshes and optimizations, memory management, etc. leading to some interesting unexpected results.

This is a multi year effort that is sure to bring development surprises as we go along. I’m sure Windows will bring new challenges for Romain will conquer. U&I is diving into the unknown, but here is the plan and we are determined.

The ArtMatic graphics engine is done. Designer, Voyager, Explorer are done. A couple add on libraries are now available and more are being worked on. The code review for Windows development has happened – and timelines unfortunately have increased – now TBD. MetaSynth CTX 1.0 is a glint in the corner of our eyes. I have some ideas how we might speed things up… Let you know when I know more.

Be safe out there and blog more soon. – Kevin

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