11. Going Universal

Unique Applications for Artists and Musicians

While Apple already translates Intel apps into Arm (M1, M2,…) apps on the first launch, there is something to say about “going native”. At long last we’ve discovered the Apple Xcode bug that was slowing down apps when compiled as Universal (Intel+ARM) and are testing. These will be free updates to the current apps and from what we see increase performance over the increases introduced in recent upgrades. Also, they allow for multiple Designer or Voyager instances to access multiple ARM cores for parallel rendering. Sweet. With this resolved, we can now move to creating builds with current Xcode versions which allow for Apple Notarization with ease – say hello double-click installers. These and the new hires icons in MetaSynth mean that after 5 years delivering on remaking the core programs, we can now focus on the bells and whistles. UPDATE: Designer, Voyager, MetaSynth, and Xx are all now Universal 2.

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