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Join the U&I Communities

The best way to learn Eric Wenger’s Creative ToolboX of software is to join the customer communities. they have decades of wisdom and experience. They are a well-spring of knowledge about the applications.

Community members often share starter files to help users expand their skills and get a headstart on projects. Here are a few examples: Droste Effetto for Designer, and Mongolfiera for Voyager (Peter Miller). Also for Voyager, Profondità di campo alberi 3D e Nuvole di Altocumulus (Dick Scherzinger), Oggetti 3D di campo di profondità (Paul Churchill), and Voyager Texture Library descriptions (Rick Weiss).

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Mondi di ArtMatic

Suoni di MetaSynth

Università U&I

U&I Software is producing a series of online training sessions, tutorial videos, and user interviews to increase the knowledge of what the ArtMatic + MetaSynth Creative ToolboX can do. A list of episode can be found below.

The resulting videos can be found on the official U&I Software YouTube channel: https://youtube.com/c/uisoftware The playlists also include tutorials, demonstrations, and art+music by customers.

ArtMatic CTX 1.1 Basic and Advanced Demonstrations

  • ArtMatic Designer – User Interface Basics
  • ArtMatic Designer – Tile Tree Components 1
  • ArtMatic Designer – Tile Tree Components 2
  • ArtMatic Designer- Tile Tree Deconstruction (Making a Face)
  • ArtMatic Voyager – User Interface Basics
  • ArtMatic Voyager+Designer – Depth Field 3D Objects Basics 1
  • ArtMatic Voyager+Designer – Depth Field 3D Objects Basics 2
  • ArtMatic Voyager+Designer – Creating Depth Field 3D Objects
  • ArtMatic Voyager- Sprites Basics
  • ArtMatic Designer – Loopers
  • ArtMatic Voyager+Designer – 3D Loopers

MetaSynth CTX 1.0 Application Tour and Basics

  • MetaSynth Overview / Sample Editor
  • MetaSynth – Effects Room
  • MetaSynth – Image Synth 1 : Toolkit
  • MetaSynth – Image Synth 2 : Upper Pane
  • MetaSynth – Image Synth 3 : Lower Pane
  • MetaSynth – Image Synth 4 : Right Pane
  • MetaSynth – Image Synth 5 : Maps
  • MetaSynth – Image Synth 6 : Instruments
  • MetaSynth – Image Filter
  • MetaSynth – Spectrum Synth (Coming Soon)
  • MetaSynth – Sequencer (Coming Soon)
  • MetaSynth+Xx – Importing/Exporting( Coming Soon)
  • MetaSynth+Xx – Composing (Coming Soon)
  • MetaSynth+Xx – Managing Projects (Coming Soon)

Creative ToolboX Artist Showcase

  • Todd Barton – MetaSynth Sonic Adventures : January 17th
  • Gary Lee Nelson – Designer and Xx : January 31st
  • Helge Krabye – Making Albums with MetaSynth : February 15th
  • Paul Fletcher – MetaSynth Explorations : TBD
  • Karl Sinkkonen – Heightmaps with ArtMatic Engine : TBD
  • Robert Rich – MetaSynth Memories : TBD
  • Jack Mozzotti – Ableton Live Workflows: TBD

MetaSynth CTX Project Management (Coming Soon)

  • MetaSynth CTX 1.0 - Alimenta le tue cartelle
  • MetaSynth CTX 1.0 - Nozioni di base sull'interfaccia utente
  • MetaSynth CTX 1.0 - Panoramica delle camere
  • MetaSynth CTX 1.0 - Scavare più a fondo
  • MetaSynth CTX 1.0 - Produrre il tuo album

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