4. Big Sur Update

Unique Applications for Artists and Musicians

4 weeks later and no response from Apple regarding our paid Developer Support ticket. Two case managers at Apple have attempted to get a response. No Dice. Eric has found out how to get the installers to work on BS, and has come up with an alternate way to work around Apple’s user interface drawing code which is drawing black when you move your mouse. I’ve verified the fix works in BS.

We tried to use Xcode 10 for creating the software builds and found that they run up to 5+x’s slower! At first, we thought it was the UI fix, digging deeper Eric found that Apple changed the C++ compiler used in Xcode! Recompiling the application in Xcode 8 restored the products to their normal working speed! Unfortunately, Xcode 10 is required to submit the program to the App Store so yet again that can’t happen if we want a quality product.

These are all issues that a much smaller company would give you a support response to in a day. Not sure what is going wrong over there, but we are marching forward to get you CTX apps that run on Big Sur. It’s just that a day of work turns into weeks of investigation with Apple being unresponsive to developers. This then delays testing, which in turn delays releasing them to you.

Never the less, the team is working hard and MetaSynth CTX 1.0, and ArtMatic CTX 1.1 are on their way!

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