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Xx 5

Algorithmic Composer for Mac OS X

Xx is an easy-to-use composition tool and lightweight MIDI sequencer with powerful algorithmic music generation and transformation features. It is also a great companion to MetaSynth.

Watch a quick demonstration of Xx's Multi-Transform feature converting one measure into a rich longer passage.

Check out the Xx Sound Gallery

Advanced graphic visualization
Xx is very useful for the polyphonic visualization of musical strucure. All tracks appear in a single window, visually revealing the harmonic relationships in your composition. Xx uses familiar piano roll notation with color-coding that provides a straightforward representation of track polyphony.

AI algorithms for composition
Xx is a powerful algorithmic compositional tool. The analysis algorithms take into account the key/scale/mode of your composition as well as the content of existing tracks. It uses generative artificial intelligence techniques to help you enhance your composition. Xx can generate complex variations of your themes and propose harmonizations and thematic development that you can fine-tune. Use it for quickly building complex polyphonic arrangements from simple source themes. Xx acts as your collaborator. Engage in a composer/computer dialog that enables you to create music in just a few minutes or take your compositions into new areas.

A simple user interface
Xx has a simple, intuitive, uncluttered interface; from a single window, you have access to all the tools and functions needed to create your composition. Xx is easy to learn and use.

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Check out the
Xx Sound Gallery

Watch a quick demonstration of how Xx's Multi-Transform can turn one measure into a rich 16-measure passage rich 16-measure passage.

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Xx 5.4 requires an IntelMac and OS Xl.5 or later.
Version 5.3 is PowerPC and IntelMac-native and requires OS X.5 or later.

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